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Cheng Fang

Computational Scientist at Biogen



2014 – 2019     Ph.D. Computational Sciences, University of Pittsburgh            Advisor: Prof. Peng Liu                                                                                               Thesis: Predictive models of the mechanism and catalyst effect in transition metal-catalyzed and metal-free organic and polymer reactions

2012 – 2014          M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pittsburgh        Advisor: Prof. Xiang-Qun Xie                                                                                Thesis: Polypharmacology analysis of anti-osteoporosis agents and Cannabinoid 2 receptor inverse agonists for osteoporosis drug research

2008 – 2011           M.S. Medicinal Chemistry, Peking Union Medical College     Advisor: Prof. Zhiyan Xiao                                                                                      Thesis: Computer-Aided design and discovery of novel CDK9 inhibitors as anti-HIV agents

2004 – 2008           B.S. Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University                   Advisor: Prof. Yisheng Lai                                                                                        Thesis: Design, synthesis of p‐(methanesulfonyl) styrene‐linked cyclic ketone derivatives as COX/5‐LOX dual inhibitors



  • Outstanding POLY Poster Award for the 254th ACS National Meeting, American Chemical Society (2017)
  • Andrew Mellon Predoctoral Fellowship, the Andrew Mellon Foundation (2017)
  • Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) Award, Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (2017)
  • Arts and Sciences Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh (2014)
  • Logo Designer for 70th Anniversary of China Pharmaceutical University (2006)
  • First Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2006)
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